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Security Traders Association of New YorkCompany Pro lesBRONZE continued from page 36The word is that TrueChain “is to DLT what SSL is to the Web” ; “is the ultimate FAT protocol”; “is the one public utility blockchain everyone needs” ; “ne- gates...the need to launch private or permissioned blockchains because [TrueChain] can guarantee the privacy of your data on a public network.”Please visit us: www.truechain.netTwo Sigma Securities, LLCTwo Sigma Securities, LLC is a broker-dealer reg- istered with the SEC, a member of the major U.S. equity exchanges and a registered market maker in over 8,000 U.S. exchange listed equities. Backed by a high performance, proprietary platform, the  rm facilitates the execution of more than 300 million shares per day. Two Sigma Securities, LLC is the market-making af liate of Two Sigma Investments, LP and is a member of FINRA and SIPC. For more information, please visit’s Investment Bank provides corporate, institu- tional and wealth management clients with expertadvice, innovative solutions, execution and compre- hensive access to international capital markets. It of- fers advisory services and provides in-depth cross- asset research, along with access to equities, foreign exchange, precious metals and selected rates and credit markets, through its business units, Corpo- rate Client Solutions and Investor Client Services. The Investment Bank is an active participant in cap- ital markets  ow activities, including sales, trading and market-making across a range of securitiesWilliams & JensenWilliams & Jensen is one of the few leading inde- pendent law  rms in Washington with a practice focused primarily on lobbying. On a daily basis, we help companies and organizations in the U.S. and around the world in uence legislation and public policy process in Washington. The  rm’s record of winning in Washington has attracted a clientele of leading companies, trade associations, and institu- tions, many relying on the  rm’s services for more than three decades.CuratiaCuratia grew out of a genuine need to cut through noisy news cycles and silence the echo chambers of social media. Curatia’s subject matter experts hand-pick the most relevant news each day. We save you valuable time by keeping you informed about products, industry trends, personnel moves and regulatory news across regions and asset classes. Launched in 2013, Curatia has steadily grown its readership to include leaders across the  nance industry. From exchange executives to fund managers, our subscribers represent some of the most senior decision-makers working in the markets today.Forefront Communications GroupForefront Communications Group is a boutique marketing and PR  rm that services a growing number of the most in uential  rms in the capital markets and  ntech. Forefront applies deep industry knowledge, hands-on experience, industry connections and a client- rst approach to ensure that its clients get greater results and value than from any other agency. For more information, visit us at or contact us directly at PARTNERS- 38 -

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