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Security Traders Association of New YorkCompany Pro lesBRONZE continued from page 32London, Singapore, and Austin, TX, HRT trades eq- uities, futures, options, currencies and  xed income on over 100 markets worldwide.IMCIMC has been active in exchange-based trading for more than 25 years. Operating globally, we trade on more than 100 venues around the world and pro- vide liquidity in more than 200,000 securities. As one of the world’s leading market makers, we pro- vide issuers with information about market events in their stock, sectors and the broader markets, and we leverage our scale and expertise to enhance li- quidity in listed companies for market participants.InstinetInstinet provides technologically advanced, agency- model brokerage services to institutional clients worldwide. As the wholly-owned execution services arm of Nomura Group, we seek to add value across the investment life cycle, providing: Research and In- sights; Trading Services; Liquidity Venues; and Work-  ow Solutions. We help investors create, protect, and capture alpha, to r educe complexity and lower overall trading costs, ultimately improving invest- ment performance. Throughout our history, Instinet has been a pioneer in electronic trading, creating industry-standard technologies and the world’s  rst major electronic trading venue. For more informa- tion on how our commitment to being innovative helps clients every day, visit us at instinet.comINTL FCStone, IncINTL FCStone, Inc. (Nasdaq: INTL), through its sub- sidiaries, provides clearing and execution, risk man- agement and advisory services, and market intelli- gence across asset classes and markets around the world. Our clients include the producers, proces- sors and end users of virtually every major traded commodity; commercial counter parties; and gov-ernmental, nongovernmental and charitable organi- zations. We also serve institutional investors, bro- kers, professional traders, CTA/CPOs, proprietary trading groups, commercial banks and major invest- ment banks. A Fortune 500  nancial services orga- nization headquartered in New York City, we serve more than 20,000 customer accounts in 130 coun- tries across  ve continents.ITRSITRS provides industry leading, real-time monitoring & analytics software to  nancial services  rms, sim- plifying information to better understand the inter- section of technology and business activity. ITRS is proud to provide solutions globally to over 200 cli- ents, including 9 out of the top 10 investment banks, as well as exchanges and trading venues, hedge funds, brokers and service providers. Our clients rely on ITRS to transform ever-growing quantities of busi- ness and machine data into actionable insights, sup- porting peak system and operational performance.MCAP LLCMCAP LLC is a market maker of American Deposi- tory Receipts (ADRs), Foreign Ordinary Shares and Fixed Income securities. We commit capital in or- der to provide greater liquidity for our customer’s orders. Utilizing our proprietary technology solu- tions we improve market liquidity, increase execu- tion speed and foster greater transparency. Our focus is servicing our customer’s needs in the more challenging sectors of the global markets, where we can provide specialized services and customized trading solutions.NextShares SolutionsNextShares Solutions is a wholly owned subsidiary of Eaton Vance Corp. formed in 2011 to develop and commercialize NextShares. Aspects of the opera-tion of NextShares are protected intellectual prop-- 34 -Bronze Sponsors continues on page 34

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