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Security Traders Association of New YorkCompany Pro lesBRONZE continued from page 28CODA MarketsCODA Markets is an independent, agency-only FINRA regulated broker-dealer which operates an electronic equity alternative trading system under SEC Regulation ATS. CODA aims to increase in- vestment returns for participants by taking time out of the trading process. We pioneered the develop- ment of on-demand auction markets that eliminate the costs associated with shaving sub-seconds or preventing information leakage in order placement. Our markets facilitate hundreds of thousands of competitive stock auctions every day, anchored by billions of shares of unique on-demand aggregated liquidity. (CODA Markets is a PDQ Enterprises company.)COR ClearingCOR Clearing is a leading independent full-service clearing  rm. We offer a  exible, customized plat- form, with access to the industry’s most cutting- edge brokerage technologies. COR provides our correspondent clients with a comprehensive suite of offerings including multi-currency settlement and reporting in both foreign and domestic securities, portfolio margin, broker workstations and wealth management solutions. Our goal is to reduce set- tlement, compliance and legal risks while enhancing your ability to realize the full value of your business relationships. We serve Introducing Broker-Dealers and Registered Investment Advisors. More informa- tion available at, Inc.Cowen, Inc. is a diversi ed  nancial services com- pany and provides alternative asset management, in- vestment banking, research, sales and trading, prime brokerage, global clearing and commission manage- ment through its two business segments: Cowen Investment Management and Cowen and Company.Cowen Investment Management provides alterna-tive asset management solutions to a global client base and Cowen and Company offers industry fo- cused investment banking for growth-oriented com- panies, industry-leading research, a sales and trading platform for institutional investors and prime bro- kerage services. Founded in 1918, Cowen is cele- brating its 100th anniversary and is headquartered in New York with of ces worldwide. For additional information, visit Financial TechnologiesDash Financial Technologies is a leading multi-asset trading technology provider to the institutional trading community. With of a suite of highly cus- tomizable tools, Dash designs and delivers intelli- gent, high performance solutions in four product categories: Trading Technologies, Execution Servic- es, Analytics and Regulatory Technologies. With a relentless focus on transparency, performance and customization, Dash Financial Technologies caters to institutions that require increasingly specialized, complex and adaptable tools to exceed their goals surrounding best execution.DBOT ATS, LLCDBOT ATS, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Delaware Board of Trade Holdings Inc., is a FINRA Member alternative trading system for trading over- the-counter equities. DBOT is a fully automated venue available to the broker dealer community to display buy and sell orders in active ADRs, ordinar- ies and other OTC securities. Through DBOT ATS, security issuers can issue equity in their respective companies via regulatory compliant securities  l- ings in one easy-to-use interface that is block-chain enabled. This creates an ecosystem for convention- al trading capabilities of modern electronic plat- forms, with the added bene ts of distributed ledger technology.- 30 -Bronze Sponsors continues on page 32

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